Does tomcat 6.0 support Java 8

Does tomcat 6.0 support Java 8? I currently have Java 7 installed
I also tried pulling data using Briefcase 1.8 and was unsuccessful. Is it because of the version 7 java?

According to, Tomcat 6 is designed for Java 5 and later.

Briefcase not pulling data is probably not a Java problem. If you provide a detailed error message or a description of how to reproduce the problem, then we will be better equipped to help.

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Hi Anokwa.
Thanks for your reply...
Currently, our data is being pulled after increasing the RAM of the local server from 6GB to 20GB & replacing Briefcase v1.4 with v1.6.
But I'd tried using the latest Briefcase v1.9, but found out that it only works on Java8 and yet I have Java7. So I was wondering if updating to Java8 would work with Tomcat 6, and you answered my question (Tomcat 6 is designed for Java 5 and later)
Thanks again

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