Download links not working on ODK website

I've received a number of reports that download links are not working on the ODK website.

I can confirm that works, but clicking on any the specific links on that page leads to a blank page.

I've tried other tools pages (e.g., Collect, Build) and they fail. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and they both fail.

From my quick research, it looks like the Download plugin on the Wordpress site was updated (perhaps automatically) yesterday and that seems to have broken the site.

I've alerted the folks in charge of the site and update this topic as I learn more.


Thanks to fast work by @clarice_larson, you can now download the latest binaries, but without all of the details that used to exist.

We've asked the support team to roll back to an older version of the plugin and I'll update this thread when that's done.

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The website is back to working order!