Download odk collect in laptop? or can i save and edit forms in laptop later?

Hello eveyone!
I hope you are fine. I have a question. Is there any possible way to download ODK collect in lapto?
The reason is this: I have built a xlsform. The interviewers on the company i work for, will wok with laptops and not with tablets. But because the questionnaire is a bit long and involving qualitative questions they will need to stop the interview process from time to time and start again later. but I dont know if i can install odk collect in laptop.
Or do you know another way that my company can use to halt the interview process and start again where they have left.

Hi Ri├žard,

You can use Web Forms (Enketo) to collect data using laptop. Web forms are built-in feature of ODK Central, so you don't need to install anything extra. You would need to create "Data Collector" user(s) in Central and then they would be able to fill in the forms. See for more information



What @Sadiq_Khoja said is correct I just wanted to add that if for some reason you want to run ODK Collect (or any Android app) on a computer there are some options like: