Download ODK collect sdk for development

Hi, my requirement is based on json response need to create the form using ODK collect frame work in android.. can any one suggest me to do how to download a ODK collect sdk ..for development

Hi @Mahendran_M
We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread.

Our repository is here: ODK · GitHub
and here is the documentation:

If you have any question please ask.

So please I have downloaded the project that you mentioned github link... gradle sync is failed... I can't run the sample code...

and also thanks @Grzesiek2010 for reply back at very soon.

You cloned this one GitHub - getodk/collect: ODK Collect is an Android app for filling out forms. It's been used to collect billions of data points in challenging environments around the world. Contribute and make the world a better place! ✨📋✨?
If so what is the error you get?

Hi @Grzesiek2010

i ma getting this issue when checkout v1.29.x branch : Task 'prepareKotlinBuildScriptModel' not found in project ':collect_app'.

if i checkout master branch will notify me this error: Task 'wrapper' not found in project ':collect_app'.

What is your Android Studio version?
Please try Build->Rebuild project and File-> Invalidate caches/restart
that sometimes solves strange issues.

I have done that step- lease try Build->Rebuild project and File-> Invalidate caches/restart still its persist.

Android studio version: 4.1.2

Have you tried googling it?

I found:

and for

yes I did. Since, it persist same issue from end. gradle version 6.1.1

Hi @Grzesiek2010,

I have download the app from github, now its working, I have one more favour, can we able to segregate collect-app separately without remaining folder like, async, audio clips , audio record and some other files..

I'm not sure what you mean... are you asking about using the collect_app module without other modules like async, audio etc? If so the answer is that all those modules are used and if you don't need features served by some of them and make ODK Collect smaller/lighter you can remove it but it will also require removing some stuff from the core collect_app module.