Downloading a portion of data

**1. I am trying to download a potion of my data from KoboCollect's website. However, there only seems to be an option for downloading all of the data. This is quite silly, since I have changed my form's format a few times, and am no longer interested in re-downloading all the old data that I have ever uploaded. Is there not a way to select which forms to download? It seems bizarre that in the Table tab, I can select different forms or rows of data - but "download" is not one of the options I can do with selected data. Is there no way that I can select certain rows/forms, and only download these?

*2. KoboCollect on my Android Samsung Galaxy and then downloading it via the web-based platform on my Win 10 PC

3. Can't find anything that works

4. Show me what I am missing

5. No

The Kobo server is ODK-compatible but it is not a core ODK tool. The Kobo support forum is at

ODK Central is the core ODK server in active development.

Thanks for that! I'll try there...