Downloading roster in the main data sheet itself

I have collected the data using ODK collect which has family roster. When I download the data, I am getting family roster data in a separate excel sheet, I want the corresponding family roster to be downloaded in one excel sheet itself.

Data collected using ODK collect. I am also attaching a downloaded excel format for your reference. A quick help in this regard would be very much appreciated.

Urban_Physical_Planning_Survey_V5.xls (164 KB)


This is the expected behavior for a repeat group. Repeats exported from Central or Briefcase will be in their own files and will need to be joined with their parent records for analysis. There will be a unique key that connects each single record in your main survey data table to one or more records in your family roster repeat group data table. See the documentation section on Repeating questions for more details.

Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.