Downloading Server idea

Interesting that Central is packaged in a Container while Aggregate is offered as a VM download.

Why not increase the utility of both by offering them BOTH in a VM that provides them as a Container package with some OS orchestration pre-set up? For the novice it would work pretty much out of the box, while for the more experienced user - they could redeploy the contained package under their own orchestration regime?

Best of both worlds while harmonising download technologies, offering community members more utility for less development effort ultimately?

Just a thought ...

For completeness, I should note that Aggregate also has Docker image and compose support, but it's not well known.

Offering more things means more work for the dev team, but we welcome contributors! If you are excited about this idea and want to work on it, we'd love you to take the lead and report back what you find. I think the first tasks would be

  1. Reviewing Aggregate's Docker configuration to make sure its idiomatic and works the way you'd expect.
  2. Exploring how we could offer Central as a VM. I think the big task here is if/how we get proper SSL support.