Dropdown not working for select_one_external


I am using select_one_external with CSV due to large number of choice options. The problem is that the display is not putting select_one_external into a dropdown/pull-down mode on ODK collect (instead it is showing default radio buttons display). I checked the XML, it is correctly coded with appearance=minimal line. Can someone help please?


Hmm. Do you mind pasting the relevant part of the XML code anyway, just so we can double check it? Glancing at the Collect code, it should work as you've described it, I think.

Sure. I used XLSFORM as source. Here is the XML: http://pasted.co/46abe454

Got annything for this please, @issa?

Oh, I am sorry about that! I missed your response entirely. Everything looks as expected with that XML output. I'm afraid I have run into the end of my usefulness. It's possible that minimal appearance doesn't work with external despite what my glancing at the code implied. Someone else will have to give a more definitive answer here.

I assume you have the external choices working and everything, and your only problem is that the appearance is not correct?

Yes. I moved to external because of 100+ options for multiple questions. The logic kicks in fine, but it is practically impossible to view hundred-plus options outside of dropdown in any visual configuration.

I'll try to look into why minimal isn't working but have you considered using the search appearance? If enumerators know roughly what value they are looking for, that may be even more helpful.


Sorry to be pinging again, but did someone manage to find a solution to putting external options in a dropdown? I am playing with 80,000 items and it does not look pretty :slight_smile:

@LN I checked search, it is really powerful. Thanks for pointing me to that. However, in this particular project of mine, I have to pin down enumerators with exact option. So a dropdown would be needed for external loads.


Before I go digging into the drop down, I'd really like to understand your use case better! It seems to me that a drop down would still require a user to scroll through up to 80,000 values which doesn't seem usable.

With search, you can still require that enumerators make a single choice. Search just lets them try different keywords so that they can scroll through fewer than 80,000 choices before selecting the one they need. In other words, the value they search for isn't sent as part of their response, it's just used to make the user experience more manageable. If you make the question required, enumerators will need to select exactly one option just like they would with a dropdown or radio button list.

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