Duplicate or Clone ODK Aggregate on App Engine

Hi! I am helping a team in Ethiopia manage an instance of ODK Aggregate v1 running on Google Cloud. When the project started they created two App Engine instances, one as a test environment and the other as the production environment. In order to duplicate issues in the production instance, I want to make the test server mirror the production server as closely as possible.

I've failed thus far to find a solution. I've looked into data export/import but it seems ODK Aggregate does not support this. I also looked into cloning or taking a snapshot of the App Engine instance, but this is not possible either.

Any suggestions to achieve this?


This looks like a possible option:

  • Data exported from one Datastore mode database can be imported into another Datastore mode database, even one in another project.

If I export from the production to the test instance, will ODK Aggregate handle the newly imported data?

Hi, @esurface

A couple of extra pointers:

  • You could set up a periodical task to launch Briefcase to pull from the main server and push it to the secondary server.
    Here's the guide about Working from the command-line (Briefcase)
    To launch Briefcase periodically, you can use the Windows Scheduler on Windows, or cron on macOS and Linux
  • Here you have a detail guide about Aggregate data management with useful information and tools: the guide and a follow-up post.