Duration of interview

hi i look for a way to calculate duration of interview.
thanks for help.

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When calculating durations there are several options:

  • You can use metadata to capture start and end and then calculate the total length in your data processing. Note that if the form is saved and the reopened for review before submission, this will change the end time.
  • You can use lightweight timestamping.
  • You can use a form audit log.

@danbjoseph thanks, i am a new user. i tried using the first option with start and end but it dose'nt work. no info on the database. see the document below. i miss something ?
time_record.xlsx (9.2 KB)

You need to include rows in your form for the metadata you want to record:

| type  | name  | label::French (fr) |
| start | start |                    |
| end   | end   |                    |

@danbjoseph there are on. see the complete table below. but there are no value on my database for "end_t".
record_calcul.xlsx (9.8 KB)

I think the end metadata value is the last thing recorded when the form is closed and so the value is not yet available when end_t is calculated. Can you do the math in the exported data during your data cleaning and analysis stage?

You could also do a light-weight timestamping on the final question in your form, and use that instead of the end metadata for the end time of the survey.

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thanks, i wanted to do it automaticly but if it does'nt work, i will do it when i export datas. also i am gonna see the light-weight timestamping . thanks a lot