Dynamic form for a library

Hello there! San here.
I need help with designing the form. I am doing this out of joy and to learn.
So, the scenario is as follows: We are a group of friends owning many books. We want to create a library to lend books to people. So we want to design an odk to keep track of our library.

I want to make TWO ODK forms; whenever we buy a book, we want to catalog it, so it should ultimately give us a CSV file. Ideally, this should be connected to our following form, where the catalog will be available to pick the book.

SECOND ODK form to lend or receive the book should allow us to select one from the catalog, but once selected and lent to someone, it should not be available to pick again. So, can this catalog be automatically updatable from the first ODK?
If this dint helps to explain the scenario better, please ask me.
Thank you:)