Dynamic Respondent Selection - If that's possible

Hello to the most awesome community I have ever been a part of :). I come here seeking more answers and I look forward to hear from you.

I am attaching a sheet that will describe what I am looking for. This is a form created with the idea of collecting information for a set of teams. I am trying to understand if there is any way that the list of Teams can be a dynamic selection based on the overall team number entered by the observer in the beginning.

So here is what is the case. This form will be used in multiple classrooms. For Each Classroom the number of teams will be different. At present I am creating placeholders for upto 13 teams - Nomenclature being "Team_A", "Team_B" ....

Any class that has only 4 will fill information upto "Team_D" but not more than that.

The information at team level is set in a dynamic loop function, yet the facilitator can see all place holders. Additionally, there is a Rank function used.

Is there anyway that when the facilitator chooses "the number of teams", the form only shows that many "teams" as in, if the facilitator chooses 2 as the number of teams, then he only sees "Team_A" and Team_B", and if another chooses 6, then the system auto populates from "Team_A" to "Team_F".

This would affect the ranks as well.

Any advice, work around will be highly helpful

Design Form.xlsx (15.5 KB)

Any thoughts at all here please?

If there is a rating scale set within a repeat loop. is there anyways to get an average rating once outside of the loop? In this given example there is a rating given to a class by each team participating. Is there anyway to calculate and average rating of the overall class based on this.

same with team ranking. Is there anyways we can calculate and show which team has been ranked # 1 the most number of times.