Dynamic selects from pre-loaded data gives 'java.util.Vector' error


I am facing a problem with ODK Collect. Some help would be highly appreciated.

Collect v1.7.1 Android v5.1.1, device used - Redmi 2s

I am trying to preload data from a csv file into a select box dynamically.
I created the XLSForm as guided here - http://xlsform.org/#dynamic-selects-from-pre-loaded-data
But on running it on the ODK Collect it gives an error saying,

"The search handler returned a object of type 'java.util.Vector'."

I have no idea of how to solve this and not able to find any solution.

This is the form and the csv I am trying to work with-

Please help!

Hi @sowmyaa_guptaa

The newest Collect app version is 1.8.1 so how could you possibly use v2.02? It would be helpful if you can attach your form.



It works well to me, check out my form and compare with yours:
external.zip (1.3 KB)


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