Dynamic value in default column

1. What is the general goal of the feature?

Hi all,
i think that it will be very helpful to have the possibility to add dynamic value in the default column.
Mainly, to be able to take the value of a previous question or line
I don't know if it is planed or if it is impossible.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?

For exemple I want to use a species name specified at a previous question to complete the default column for URL to show the user what the species he selected look like online. here is my file : formulaire_adherent.xlsx (21.8 KB)
i put in green and yellow the line of interest

it is not possible because of the fact that default can not take dynamic value

thanks to everyone who will bring me a solution !

Have you read about setting default responses? I would recommend read part "Tip":

In your particular form I dont think you actually want a 'default' per se. Instead, on line 9 ${url_espece} simply move your ${url_calculation} over to the calculation column, and make the row read_only=true

[note, although @Alexander_Torrado is entirely correct in that you use once() for dynamic defaults, in your specific case it wont work, because once() will just populate ${url_espece} with the initially incomplete URL...]

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Thanks a lot Xiphware ! it's working perfectly fine ! Just that you need to not put the read only or it wont work.

I thought that you have the obligation to put the url you wanted in the default column, as shown here :

but actualy you don't have to, i learn something here

thanks again