Eligibility Calculation


My name is Spencer Mtengula.

Iam a new in ODK world, I have a questionnaire which is suppose to calculate the eligibility through date of screening and date of birth of a child.
So the criteria is 6 months -+14 days.

If someone input the date of birth of a child,the form should calculate the eligible based on the criteria

So you want to calculate if the current date (when the questionnaire is being filled out) is inside of -+14 days of the answer to a question about the birth date of a child?

Thanks for the quick response.

Iet me give a example, if the screening is today, so the child is 5 months, the calculation should say the child is not eligible. But isf the child is 5month with 14days to reach 6months or 6 months or 6 months and 14 on the day of screening day the calculation should say the child is a eligible.

Check the attached XLSForm. Probably it would help to get your answer.date_subtraction.xlsx (15.2 KB)


I just download you xlsx file, and I made changes to my form it works.