Embed signatures in exported data

Hallo, I have a problem, I managed to collect signatures with ODK (e.g. when asking for consent), but when I download the data, only the links to the signatures are provided. Is there a way to embed the signatures in excel doc? Thanking you in advance

Hi @daselw

please provide more information. Could you attach your form? and please describe your problem using the template not in the title.

Hi @daselw

How are you exporting your data? I think you are using online aggregate, to get the images, you need to use another tool called briefcase
See the link for more info on briefcase: https://docs.opendatakit.org/briefcase-using/

Thank you for the feedbacks. I have not used briefcase before. I am using ona, so when I export the data from ona, I get a zip folder with the images. What I would like for ease of linking the signatures with other details, is diwloading the data with the signatures per case within the same row. i hope this will serve as an additional clarification to my question.

Thanks Dickson, I use ona.

Hi @daselw,

Okay i get you, have encountered that challenge before, one solution i can advice is to format the links as hypelinks so that they open on click using default image image application in your computer. How to do that in excel, create another column with hyperlink , referencing the cell with the location link (media\1518449497011.jpg).

Sorry, I did not thank you for this earlier. It was useful.

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