Embedded repeat causes summary of outer repeat to become hidden

In ODK collect, I have a group that contains a repeat. There is a group embedded in the repeat. The embedded group is used to hold a useful summary view of the contents of the repeat like so:

This is a screenshot of the xlsform:

My problem is when a repeat is embedded inside the main repeat like this xslform:

The summary view of the outer repeat, which was so useful, is not displayed anymore. Instead I get this:

However, the embedded repeat's summary is working fine:

I need help so that the the summary view in the outer repeat shows the species composition (as shown in the first screenshot) and not the label of the outer repeat.


Hi @RaffyM
could you attach the xls form so that we can tests it?

i am attaching 2 xlsforms,

one, with only 1 repeat:
flies.xlsx (8.9 KB)

one, with a repeat containing an embedded repeat.
flies2.xlsx (9.4 KB)


I think that ODK Collect works as expected. The difference between those two forms is that in the second one species_detail_group does not stretch the whole repeat group to which it belongs and that's why it's not displayed in the same way.

Shouldn't it be something like: flies2.xlsx (8.4 KB)


thanks! that fixed it

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