Empty calculation on distance formula for geotrace with overlapped points


During data collection, there are some times that distance is not calculated at all even when the geotrace captured acceptably the desired field shape.
Then I discover that usually it happens when some points are overlapped and/or the line cross itself. To reproduce this behavior you can capture a geotroce in the same position for some minutes.
Of course, one way to avoid this situation is to set input parameters that allow points to be more separated from each other (e.g. longer recording interval) but I wonder if there is something that I can do from the XLSForm to force the calculation or avoid/erase the overlapped points.

Thanks in advance.

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What version of ODK Collect are you using?

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I'm using the version v2022.3.2 on Galaxy Tab A7 lite.

Could you attach your form so that we can check if there is everything fine there?