End of the field season : users report and "wishes" about our main form

Hi to all,

the field season is close to its end and my colleagues are welcome to share there impressions and needs about our main "generalist" form described here : ODK to collect species and habitats localities, as pressure and threats to ecosystems
First of all they are glad to use this form and ODK in general :wink:


But they have ideas to improve their field experience.
Principal things are close to past discussion or current ones :

We face a "limitation" since the space between selects was increase. Use use it in a combination with search() field to choose the right taxa in the list. And on some phone we have to use a smaller font in the app to be able to show the select item. If we do not they are hidden by the keyboard.

Here is the screen with default font size :

And here the same after we set a smaller one :

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Thanks for this writeup! I hope it inspires others to also share their end of study reports and wishlists.

The vertical space issue is one that is relatively straightforward to address and that @dmenne and others have also pointed to. We will work on improvements for Collect v1.29 (https://github.com/getodk/collect/issues/3987).

The others are more involved and we're not sure when we'll be able to prioritize them but it's helpful to know that they are priorities for you.

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