End survey if 3 responses or fewer are selected

Hi Guys,

Am currently setting up a survey that requires it to terminate if a respondent selects 3 responses or less from the list of choices provided to them.
Am using excel to script the tool.
I have searched the previous conversations but couldn't come across any that satisfied the criteria am looking for.

Looking forward to your help.


Hi @PN

what do you mean by terminate? What do you expect? Do you want to skip all other questions (it's possible) or maybe exit the survey without saving (it's not possible automatically)?

Hi Grzegorz,

Basically end the survey as the respondent doesn't qualify thus skip all questions and go to thank and close the interview


The general strategy I would use is to wrap your survey questions in a group and then use a relevant expression to only display it if your eligibility criteria are met. You can use the count-selected function to tell how many choices have been selected by the user.

Here is an XLSForm that shows this idea at work.

hi @PN
try this sample file to see if it works for you and let us know.

three.xlsx (44.4 KB)


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Hi Helene,

Thanks,let me try it out.


Hi Fabla,

Looking at your file.
Just wanted to clarify where is the count accomodated incase I need to readjust the figure?


please am not clear with this, can you make it clear for me?

If I need to adjust the figure from 3 to 4 or 5..how would I adjust it

hi @PN

Do you see the red text under relevance, ${count} >3 you can increase it by changing the 3 to any number you want it to be limited to.


Hi Fabla,

Sorry,it was right in front of me and I didn't see it.

Thanks alot for the help

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if it's a self-administered survey, it might not work, as the respondent can re-select the options he wants to manipulate it. Just a tiny comment.