English numbers inside Persian characters

I have a question in Persian language(RTL) I need to add two different numbers between this question, which indicate from age of interviewee/beneficiary. So in xlsform it seems okay but in ODK it does not. it's not readable and does not indicate any meaning in ODK.
Question content: آیا در این خانواده دختران بین سنین 6 الی 18 زندگی می نمایند؟

I'm using ODK collect v1.13.2, it's the recent version.

I've changed the application language to Persian still doesn't work.
I've changed the numbers from English to Arabic in xlsform, still doesn't work.
Please look at the ODK screen shot and see how it looks like in ODK.
Thanks in advance,

Hi @sheramin! The latest version of ODK Collect is v1.16.1 and there have been recent changes to how RTL languages are treated. Could you please try that and report back on whether you still see the problem?

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Thanks Helene for the reply. I'll check that soon and let you know about the result.