Enketo API request


I am using odk aggregate 2.0.5 also i have install Enketo Express v. 6.0.0-16-gd0e5453a . I need to add Enketo Webform Integration on the preferences on odk aggregate. At the instruction is request to have an account on enketo.org but they no longer accept new accounts. Is there any other solution? except odk central!

Thank you!

Hello @Vasilis_Dimas ,

Kindly be aware that support for Aggregate has been discontinued. The ODK server has now transitioned to Central. We highly advise utilizing Central because Aggregate has not received any update since 2021 when it reached its end-of-life.

If you have installed Enketo, then you can create those keys for linking with aggregate. See this link https://blog.enketo.org/install-enketo-production-ubuntu/


Hello @dicksonsamwel ,

For the Enketo installation i had did a mistake for the Api Key.

Many thanks.

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