Enketo certificate has expired error

I have an installation of enketo and was working fine for the past year. Today I noticed that the forms are not opening and I see the following Loading error: certificate has expired

I'm using the following app versions:
Enketo: 1.78.0
ODK Aggregate: 1.7.1

I tried to restart the enketo server. Couldn't find anything here on the forum or in the internet in general
To reproduce the error please access this link: https://enketo-main.globalhealthapp.net/::QZ9GSWey

Hi @Eudson_Bambo,

This looks like an SSL certificate error. In this case it appears the SSL certificate of ODK Aggregate has expired. This is a common web server error that does not have anything to do with ODK Aggregate or Enketo. The SSL certificates need to be renewed regularly.


PS I also recommend you update your Enketo server if you are using offline-capable forms: https://blog.enketo.org/Enketo-Express-mar-2020-update/, though this has nothing to do with this certificate error.

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@martijnr thank you for your reply, but the ssl certificate am using dor ODK Aggregate expires on January 21, 2021.

But will double check our my configurations.

Check that your SSL cert's issuing authority (ie CA, or Certificate Authority) own certificate hasn't expired, as that will also cause the SSL validation chain to fail. I know for a fact Sectigo's cert expired over the weekend, and that's been causing us some issues down here... https://support.sectigo.com/articles/Knowledge/Sectigo-AddTrust-External-CA-Root-Expiring-May-30-2020

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Hi @Xiphware

Thanks for the direction, I've update the certificate but the error persists. I restarted nginx and enketo itself but no luck.Do you know where can I find the logs for Enketo? Maybe I can find something there.

Hi @Eudson_Bambo,

Have you tried to rebuild the configurations in the enketo server? See this.

@Xiphware thank you for point out to that, we issued a temporary certificate to get over this while we contact our issuer to get new certificate that ensures backward compatibility.

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I am experiencing the same error with our site. For example:
Enketo is running at https://formshare.org/enketo
The certificate is fine.
But I get the error with any form. For example: https://formshare.org/enketo/::fLlsVlB1

Any help is appreciated


We migrated Enketo to 2.3.12 and this error does not happen