Enketo-Express still showing home message

Any reason as to why I am still getting the default home page? I dont know how to proceed just to get the webform.
Any help please?

You need to use the Enketo API to publish a form. See: https://apidocs.enketo.org/v2

  • Firt you post your survey to /survey or other modifiers (see documentation). You need your API key declared in config.json
  • Enketo will give you as a response the URL for filling your survey in a JSON structure
  • Go to that URL and Enketo might ask you for user name and password (Use the same as Collect)
  • Enter data
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Your screenshot also suggests that there's something weird with your build. It should look like this: https://enketo.getodk.org.

Note that yours says home.msg and langs.supported instead of the proper strings...

One thing you could try is resetting that install. Here's what usually works for me.

cd ~/enketo-express;
rm -rf node_modules;
git checkout -- package-lock.json;
git pull;
npm install;
rm -rf public/js/build;
pm2 restart enketo;
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