Enketo GUI fix

Hi all, in order to update I wider audience, I include my link to the issue filed today on the Enketo-express github.

The goal is to end the frequent problem of inexperienced users accidentally saving their form as a draft while intending to submit the form as completed and then having the impression that their data has been lost. The existing functionality works very well but the visual design on screen often leads users down the wrong path just when they think the form is complete.

A solution to this problem could be relatively straightforward and there are a few options. I have attached a mock-up of one possibility below but am also interested in alternatives if there are Enketo users on the forum with some GUI expertise. Feedback from anyone who has experienced this issue or has a good solution in mind is welcome.

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The issue has been taken on quickly by the Enketo and Kobo teams and a concept chosen for the solution. As these teams will decide the final details of the update, the topic can be considered closed on this forum and details can be read on Github.

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