Enketo Loading Error: Gateway time-out

Dear Yanokwa,

I am presently experiencing same challenge. Xlsform successfully validated on Enketo but "Loading Error: Gateway time-out" generated. Webform version of my xlsform would not load.

Attached herewith is the XLS file for your perusal.

Thank you.

Regardsvalue_chain_analysis_noiler.xlsx (128.1 KB)

@martijnr I'm not sure if this is an issue with Enketo's server timing out or our server timing out. I figured I'd play it safe and assume it's a problem on your side :laughing:. Can you check?

Nice! :smile:

This form is rather huge (3793 lines of code) so @yanokwa I think your assumption may very well be right (this time!) because the transformation from XML to HTML is power-hungry. That server is not very powerful. You could try uploading to e.g. Ona or KoBoToolbox, which will have much more powerful servers. Note that Enketo has aggressive caching, so once your form is deployed it won't require re-transformation after the first time (until the form changes).

@martijnr has graciously increased the performance on the Enketo server, so I think this issue is resolved.

Resolved. Thanks so much

Hi Yanoka

I have the same error "Gateway Time-out" i attached my xls form for your check up.

HabtamuMarch_dd_1.xls (1.1 MB)

Hi @habtamuodk,

Welcome to the ODK Community! Thanks for reporting this. I rebooted the server and that seems to have done the trick.