Enketo problem on third level of cascading select

Hi LN,

The current version is still an issue on level 3 of cascading select. I've tried the solution in this forum, but it does not work. Level 1 and 2 selection works perfectly. This is an issue only in repeat group. In regular group, 3 levels work perfectly.
Please help !!! thanks in advance...

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@rednoze Could you please share either your actual form or a small form that reproduces the issue?

Hi Hélène,
This is the link:


Here-attached is the XLSForm file.

In this form, I created 2 groups for testing: The animals in regular group is working fine, but not level 3 the repeat group

Please give me more advice for work around trick, if it is not a bug in ODK

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,


CBSForm_1_1.xlsx (19 KB)

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Do you mean that specieanimal is not showing you the options you expect? I tried your form in ODK Collect v1.24.0 and it works as I would expect. What version of Collect are you using?

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Hi Helen,
Yes, the list of specieanimal does not shown as expected with laptop computer. But with smart phone is working fine. We want to make it work by using both plat forms: phone and latop.

Any ideal ?

Thanks for your help.

Red noze

Enketo is a separate project. It has its own user group or @martijnr may be able to help you here.

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Thanks for reporting this! It looks like a bug and we'll look into it right away. It can be tracked here: https://github.com/enketo/enketo-core/issues/677


This is now fixed in Enketo Express version 1.81.2 and can be tested at http://opendatakit.org/xlsform/. You can check Ona's current version at enketo.ona.io.

Thanks a lot for reporting @rednoze, and for investigating @ln! This turned out to be a rather nasty bug, so I'm very relieved it's been eradicated forever now.


Hi Martijn,

When I test on the http://opendatakit.org/xlsform/
. It is awesome. But it is still an issue
on ONA website. https://enketo.ona.io/x/#hzghY8cC

I guess the issue is related to the website ONA's webform. Otherwise, please let me know the way we can make it work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Red Noze

Hi @rednoze, It's because of the version that is currently deployed. You have to check with Ona's support to see when it will be updated.

You could try and use the corresponding android application if it is based on odk collect. I don't think this error also appears there.

Hi Derrick,

With android OS on smart phone, it works perfectly but not when we operate with Laptop or Desktop in web-based application on ONA online mode.

Our discussion is about how to make it work on both platforms, i.e: Phone and Laptop using XLSForm in offline or online mode.

The bug is:

  • The cascading select in repeat group does not work at third level, but it works in regular group.

  • Try this. URL: https://enketo.ona.io/x/#hzghY8cC . There, I created a form for testing with the cascading select in 2 groups: one in regular group and other one in repeat group.

  • At third level in repeat group, the list of animal specie does not show.

  • The test on http://opendatakit.org/xlsform/ works perfectly.

So, We assume that it is a bug on ONA web app that the API does not generate the form properly.

Please see our discussion at forum :

Enketo problem on third level of cascading select


I hope we will have and updated version of ONA as soonest. Otherwise, please advise how we can make it work.

Thanks in advance..