Enketo projects are moving to a monorepo and dropping support for node 14, 16

This change should only affect people who maintain forks of Enketo or integrate with a form server other than ODK Central.

Enketo has historically been developed across several separate code repositories. This has made it challenging to work on functionality that’s built across Enketo subprojects, and has meant that dependency versions were often out of sync between those subprojects. For those reasons and more outlined in the corresponding issue, we have been migrating Enketo to a monorepo setup.

We hope this will make development on Enketo faster and less error-prone, while also making it easier for everyone to understand the relationship between the different Enketo components.

If you'd like to get a first look, the migration is underway in the new monorepo. Commit history from the subprojects has been preserved on the main branch, with further progress for the monorepo setup on the monorepo/setup branch.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments!


The migration is now complete and the separate repositories have been archived! We have also done a series of releases from the monorepo.