Entering some skipped sections

Hi all,
I have a detailed questionnaire containing male and female section. On an ideal case both male and female respondent appear for the interview at the same time and their information is collected on two tablets so as not to keep them for long. I merge the two later on a unique identifier.
In many scenarios, however, either the male comes for the interview first and female at a later point or vice versa.
My problem is the following:

  • If the Male comes first, he will answer all the male sections.
  • The enumerator will then save partially the form for a later date when the female comes.
  • I have a variable that asks what respondent they have, on toggling this when the female appears for the interview, the female sections appear.
  • This skips all the male sections as intended.
  • The downside of it is that the data stored by the form is that of the last respondent (female).
  • It is the same if the female came first.
  • My idea was to store the whole string of data as one.
    Any ideas of how to go around this?

Relevance does affect what's saved and sent back to the server so it won't work for skipping a section of data you want to preserve. One thing you could do is have the enumerators use the jump menu (38 PM) to go to the section that needs to be filled out. You can use colors, font sizes, emoji, etc (http://xlsform.org/#styling) to make the question they need to jump to more obvious when scrolling through the question list.

Another option would be to separate out the male and female questions into two forms. If there are some fields that one person answers for the pair, then you can use relevance to include it in the form filled out by the first person but exclude it in the second.

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