Entities : geometries registered into the entities' csv doesn't appear in select_multiple from map


I have a first form to select land plots in a geojson and feed an entities csv used in a second form (the main one) to select those plots on a map.
I'm using a select_from_file with a map appearance but I can't display the map. I only see a list of plots's id.

I've checked the geometry column in the csv and it seems ok.
Is there something I missed in it?
parcelles_pour_diag.csv (5.2 KB)

For you to check the syntax, here are also:

Because I'm working with very large files to select land plots, I don't join them for the moment, but if needed, I can make short ones to test the forms.

Thank you very much for your help.

Good morning everybody,

looking at Nathalie's form, I realize that "in the rush" we both anticipated map selection...
Map appearance only works for select_one question.

I just found this post :

Let's close this thread and document the first one.

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