Entity based data fetch working with Enketo but not in 'ODK Collect'

I am trying to fetch data from entity dataset. It is working in Enketo but not in ODK collect. Collect shoring error "Could not import data from dss_data.csv. Reason: Columns[name,Name] match!"
I am sharing ODK xls and screen shots.

Please help to resolve this issue.
Get Advice v3.0.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Have you perhaps defined an entity property with name Name? All entities get a lowercase name property defined. It looks like Collect is trying to treat columns case-insensitively but finding a match between columns called name and Name.

The error message is not helpful, we will look into how either the restriction can be lifted or the message can be improved.

I think for now you will need to create a new dataset with a new name to be able to move forward with Collect.

Great It is worked, by changing the name of the data set.

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