Eraser in image --> appearance: draw

Hi all,

Using the 'draw' image function, we ran into some problems (using ODK collect). Respondents make a drawing, save it, but later notice that they made a mistake. For example they misunderstood the question and drew the wrong thing. However, they cannot erase the saved picture anymore. Resetting only restores the previously made sketch.

I see how intermediate saving and resetting to the initial drawing can also be useful in the absence of ctrl + z ;), however it would also be nice to have an eraser!

To me that does not seem like a complicated addition to develop for this feature.


Hi @Sivan

The reset option remove just the recent changes what is a bit misleading. I think that option should remove everything and it should be an option called revert which would work like reset now.
Would that be ok for you or maybe you would like to have an eraser which would allow erasing a particular part of the image?

Indeed, reset sounds more like a complete redo whereas revert could undo the last steps. That would also be a good option.

Looking to use the draw function which is great but having an eraser would be a useful addition i.e. essentially a larger square or circle pen that simply draws using the background colour.