Err: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

Since the past six months, we have been using ODK Central on Digital Ocean. Version 1.3 is available right now. Everything is going well.
When utilizing the Access link.


Our search on Google revealed that it is related to a connection fault. We have attempted numerous times. The same form is uploaded to "" to be tested for functionality. It is working there. Unfortunately it doesn't function on our website.

We verify that KOBO Collect is operating correctly.

Can someone clarify this problem?
v1.3 can be affected by new updates.

Ali Raza

You probably did not mean v1.3. The current version of Central is v2022.3.x

Can you confirm the version you are running? You can find that at https://your.server.url/version.txt. For example,

If you've upgraded, did public access links work before the upgrade? Have you also made any network changes (e.g., DNS, firewall) to your setup?

Thanks Yanokwa,
We are using version v 1.3
24ee74e5f974a518aa1cc8b06e7addb3be6b4690 (v1.3.3-2-g24ee74e)
5cc6fd79d112ce36d6298c61bb8817689c4c323b client (v1.3.2)
1d1a3a59969e61383da74119e405e67778b7a170 server (v1.3.3)

I have not yet upgraded. It is the first edition. There has been no change since. It was previously operational.
I restarted it, and it is now operational.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you very much.

Ali Raza

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