Error about changes in config.json.template when upgrading

Thanks for these and for the solution.
I have a similar issue where the attempted upgrade returns this message;

"error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please commit your changes or stash them before you merge.

I don't understand how to commit/stash the changes. I had previously attempted to follow the steps and used mail gun to improve mail delivery.

And I had tried to follow the steps to solve the "preview could not connect to server" issue but failed.

I failed at this step;
"Now, run nano /etc/docker/daemon.json to make those nameservers and, optionally, the Google DNS ( as a fallback available to Docker. Put the following in the daemon.json file."

I hope that upgrading might solve all these but currently don't know how to commit changes or stash them before you merge.

For the git error, see the tip in the upgrading documentation:

If you have made local changes to the files, you may have to start with git stash, then run git stash pop after you perform the pull. If you aren't sure, just run git pull anyway and it will tell you.

Your full steps will be:

cd central
git stash
git pull
git stash pop
git submodule update -i
docker-compose build
docker image prune
docker-compose stop
docker-compose up -d

Dear @LN ,
Many thanks again,

The initial steps run. But at docker-compose build, it runs well up to step 6 and pauses indefinitely;

Step 6/13 : RUN npm install --production
---> Running in 466772c1d8fb

The control is also not handed back at the central directory. But allows me to type in other commands though does not execute them. So I cannot proceed with the rest of the steps. What could be wrong?

Many thanks @LN ;

As it was failing at step 6, and could not execute any other commands, I exited the console. And then restarted the console, I then ran docker-compose stop. But then realized that it was running slowly. So I resized the droplet a bit. And on rerunning docker-compose build, it was faster - even though still took some time at step 6.

On proceeding with the steps, docker prune failed and I ran docker image prune.
The rest of the lines ran successfully and its done.

Appreciated it.

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If you were on a version < 1.4, the following from the upgrade instructions is likely relevant:

There are several time-consuming migrations in v1.4. If you have tens of thousands of submissions, consider temporarily increasing server performance and memory allocation before upgrading.

It's worth carefully reading the full upgrade instructions each time before an upgrade since there are many steps and it's not something that's done often.

If you find yourself still having issues with previews, please start a new thread.

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