Error: 'choices' when uploading form

Hi, This is Arun from WHO India. The error is coming as Error: 'choices' nothing else. I have enclosed the XLS form herewith. How can it be fixed?
new pu tool.xlsx (24.8 KB)

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  1. I used find and replace to remove the occurrences of "&" in your name column on your choices sheet.

The name column specifies the unique variable name for that entry. No two entries can have the same name. Names have to start with a letter or an underscore. Names can only contain letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, and periods. Names are case-sensitive.

  1. On your survey sheet in the type column you have "or other" when it should be "or_other" - Make sure you read the warning in the docs about using or_other instead of relevance:

  2. On your settings tab you reference ${block} but I do not see that question in your survey?

What seemed to solve the problem, oddly enough, was removing the or_other from the 3 questions where it is used. This version of the form appears to validate. Can you change to using relevant and an additional text type question to gather that information? I don't know why it would be causing the error.
new pu tool_edits.xlsx (24.9 KB)

In addition.
I would recommend to check your form during development with the online validator.

Correct syntax is or_other (with underline), you wrote "or other". Forthermore, it is recommended to use explicit choices for other options, instead of or_other.
"We do not recommend using or_other because it does not support multiple languages or choice_filter. Instead, add your own "other" question and use form logic to have it appear as needed." (