Error: CSV file is miss

Hi ODK community,
need your help in solving the issue.
I finished creating the questionnaire in Excel,
( ) (I uploaded the kobo because it shows the questionnaire in its entirety) . Georgian alphabet is used in the questionnaire (UTF-8) .
At the same time, the data_ID.csv file is attached to the questionnaire and uploaded .
It is working normally at the moment:
Q1 - 100088110 - (for example - )
V.1 If we can talk about the vacancies that you have or will have in the next 6 months or year in the organization (# 1 - for example)
V.2 How many vacancies do you currently have (write - #1)?
and after that - V.2.1 Name the vacancy (subgroup/specialty - პროგრამ - for example), in web version all work ok and final form is being sent to "kobo - PC. but However, when uploading the questionnaire to the Android phone An “error” message appears after the question V2.

in V2.1 us "search('specialty')" and "specialty" is in choices sheet.
All work nice, but after upload file and CSV to odk aggregate I'm getting it mistake message after question V2.1.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me solve this problem
ARC_UNAG_2023_search.xlsx (46.3 KB)

Hi @David_Shoshitaishvil

The problem is that you are using search function (rows 39, 56, 72) what is not needed. That function is used to fetch data from external csv files see:
In your case you selects are in the choices sheet and as a result they are a part of the for (.xml file). They are not put into a separate csv file. You can just remove that function and everything will be fine.