Error getting batches of instance IDs: HTTP 401

Am having a problem pulling data using ODK Briefcase from ODK aggregate
i can connect and see the forms the i get success with error
i was able to pull data until i updated java i guess

Am using ODK aggregate 2.0.3
Briefcase 1.18.0
the user am using have administrator permissionJpeg

hi @danny777x ,

could you please attach the briefcase log file? (it should be in the same directory of the jar file).

briefcase.txt (4.4 KB)

Briefcase log file @aurdipas

Hi @danny777x
has your user as well dataviewer/formmanager/datacollector privileges?
Can you also check that the URL has no "/" at the end?
Last..on Aggregate side are the forms marked as downloadable?


@aurdipas thank you for your help, problem solved !