Error Getting Form List : Status Code 404

I am not able to get forms from Aggregate set up using Tomcat.
I am using
* Aggregate v1.6.1
* Tomcat v8
* Postgresql v9.6
* To get the form am using ODK v1.17.
I am able to access the aggregate server internally, externally and on the phone's browser with no issues.
I have enabled port 8080 ,which am using on the firewall.
I have tried using cellular network, WIFI but it hasn't helped.
The error is below

Hi @ken. Typically a 404 suggests the URL is incorrect. Did you include the port number in the URL you typed into Collect?

Hi @yanokwa I just realized I wasn't including the last part of my URL. The URL is http://myip:port:port/ODKAggregate but I was using http://myip:port/ in collect. This has since been resolved.

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