Error in number shown in saved forms

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
In the ODK application counting of forms filled i saved form option is not updating. For this need to close the app & reopen it. Then its showing total count.
This is happening after latest version update
2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.
Application name ODK collect app
Device- On Samsung Galaxy Tab A
OS-Android 10 with samsung One UI

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?
4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

5. Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach below.

Hi @rohansg
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Are you talking about those numbers?:

What ODK Collect version are you using?

Hi @Grzesiek2010
Thanks for the reply
Myself Dr RohanSG from India
Yes the same number that is shown in the image.
the ODK version is v2021.3.4

That's interesting. I tried to reproduce it but to no avail. @kkrawczyk123 please take a look at it when you are free.

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I also wasn't able to reproduce the issue. Maybe there are some additional steps that we are missing?
I think that discrepancies between the number of submissions in Edit Saved Forms and Send Finalized Form might be connected to the submission status - saved or finalized. Saved submissions are not visible in Send Finalized Forms. The other reason that I can think of is submission with sending failed that is not visible in Edit Saved Form only in Send Finalized Forms. @rohansg maybe one of those examples fits to what you have experienced?