Error load data from this form


I am trying an approach to prenvet the enumerator from fill the same form towice, I made an (UUID) key using three variables, and I search this forum and applied the following logic: in the survey sheet:

type name label
xml-external survey calculation
calculate C3 concat(${gov},${res},${quarter_num})
calculate C1 Checking whether the enumerator count(instance('survey')/root/data[C3=
was involved in Round 1 Survey current()/../C3])

calculate C2 if(${C1}=1,'Yes',if(${C1}=2,'No','New'))

in the sitting sheet:

there was an error while trying to check the form using (WebForm):"Failed to load data from"

Would you please help me.

Hi @bushra

Could you attach your xls form? It's difficult to analyze and test such a raw text.

This issue was happing regarding to the net-conncation.
However, I am mow in another essential problem, and I realy seek for HELP since I am a very beginer in ODK-XForms.

In my application, the researcher should choise the following: Governorate, Researcher,Quarter, Market Name. Those variables I used to build an ID as: concat(${gov_name},"-",${rec_name},"-",${quarter_num_choice},"-",${market_name}).

BUT: I need to figar a way to prevent the researcher from choise the same market he choosen in the prevouse form, may this alart be when he try to submitte the forms as finalized forms or may exclude the market choosen prevously from the select-one list options.

ALSO: I need to make sure that the reseaher filled only no more four forms (each one is for different market but the same gov and reseacher and quarter).

I feel like I need a magical solution. Hope it is avalible somehow.

(How to share my form to this post? which link/url should be provided?)

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