Error: maximum recursion depth exceeded


It seems that XLSForm online crashed when there is more than 64 Xpath in one label. but the weird part is that XLSForm Offline doesn't

I experienced this issue because I had a fields where I put my main calculation, it took me multiple hours to find it out because the error is not really helpful, this post is mainly for people facing the same issue so they could have an hint on the issue

here how to reproduce the issue (the end note has 65 xpath inclusion)
test_max label.xlsx (11.0 KB)


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Thanks for the really clear reproduction form!

XLSForm online and offline both use pyxform so in general their behavior should be the same. However, certain things like allowable recursion depth will vary depending on the host computer. Probably the machine that you are running XLSForm Offline from has more memory than the XLSForm Online server (1gb) or alternately it could be a Python version difference.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can really do to catch that error and improve the message. I've filed an issue to see whether the implementation could be reconsidered:

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