Error Message from webform

Hi All,

I keep getting the attached error message on some of my projects when I click on the webform.
What does it mean and how do I go about rectifying it.


Hi PN,

Could you please elaborate on what is not clear about the error message? We'd like to improve the error message but at the moment I don't know exactly what can be improved about it.

Martijn (Enketo developer)

Hi Martijn,

The error comes up when I have uploaded a project on ONA and want to test it using the webform.

Hi Martijn,

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my mozilla firefox which had an issue and was using chrome for the last few days.

Its now okay.

Seems the issue was coming up since chrome was the only browser on my machine thus making it the default browser.

Thanks @PN,

I am glad it is resolved for you.

Fwiw, Chrome is definitely supported as well. This message would show if you are using 'incognito mode' when loading a webform in an offline-capable view.