Error message of missing columns when sending forms

Dear Xiphware,
I'm back to you about another problem and I'm confident you could help me like the last time.
I have a big problem with sending finalized forms (more than 100). The first ones were successfuly sent but not the others. I got an error message of missing columns. I read on the forum that the position of Google sheet should not be changed. Now i have deleted all the files on my Google Drive i left only the xml and sheet of my forms. I still have the same problem. Please tell me what's wrong and how to recuperate my saved forms. Thank you in advance. Best

Do you send only finalized instances of one form? You can't send finalized instances of different forms to the same sheet. So maybe this is your problem?

Hi Grzegorz,
Thank you for your quick reply. I sent finalized instances of the same form to the same sheet.
The first forms were sent without problem, but after, I got the problem. I think because I have moved the sheet from a folder to another. Now I want to know how to do to avoid loosing all my forms. I'm frustrated because I have no more time and more than 100 were filled.
Please help me
Thank you again

If all forms (those already sent too) are still on your device you can send all of them again. Go to Send Finalized Forms -> Three dots -> Change View -> Show Sent and Unsent Forms and you can try to send all of them again (to a new sheet for example).

Dear Grzegorz,Thank you very very much. I will try again and be back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

Dear Saad,
happy to know you. I have a big big problem with sending filled and finalized forms. The first ones were sent succesfuly, but not the others (I got error message about missing start columns). I think I have changed the sheet from a folder to another (I have changed position). I deleted all the files and folder from my Google Drive, and I left only the xml and google sheet of my questionnaire, it doesnt work. I would appreciate very much if yoy could help me on that. JAZAKA ALLAHOU KHAYR

Hi, I tried but it does not work

The same error about missing columns even if you are sending all forms (instances of one form) to a new sheet?

Please be patient with me,
if I would create a new sheet, I will get a new url and then forms on ODK will loose the path to the sheet, no !!!!!!

Do you use an url specified in settings (General Settings -> Server -> Fallback submission URL)? Or maybe it's in a form?

it's in the form (I got it when I created the sheet and copied in settings on my xlsform before conversion to xml)

So one option would be to copy the content of your original sheet to another one (backup). Clean the original sheet (everything - all rows and column names) and try to send your form again to that original (empty) sheet.


OK, I will try and let you know. thank you a lot

Thanks a lot, it works like a magie. Thank you thank you thank you.

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