Error on new install - allow-postgres14-upgrade not found

Trying an install of central on fresh ubuntu server 22.04, I had an error with docker compose build :
failed to solve: failed to compute cache key: failed to calculate checksum of ref moby::vwnvxfedg8ihy6c3zhxgmon6m: "/files/allow-postgres14-upgrade": not found

Is there a way to solve it ?

Hello @PNPyrenees,
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Welcome once again.

I commented the line (7) "COPY ./files/allow-postgres14-upgrade ." in file postgres-upgrade.dockerfile and try again.
It looks ok !

But was it a good way to solve my problem ?

Is it entirely fresh? The files/allow-postgres14-upgrade is supposed to be required just for an upgrade but it looks like it might be needed for an install too. For now you can touch /files/allow-postgres14-upgrade and that should let you proceed. We'll look into improving that.

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It's ok -- you won't need the postgres upgrade for a fresh install and you can revert changes to postgres-upgrade.dockerfile -- but touching the file lets you not modify any of what is considered Central application files.

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Ok, understand, thank you for helping !

We've added this requirement to run touch ./files/allow-postgres14-upgrade to the docs at

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