Error: [row : 16]List name not in external choices sheet

Hie everyone I was tying to convert a mobile form which i worked on, but to my surprise when i tried to run it through ODK-XLSForm v1.6 its bringing an error, attached is the picture of the error.

Just to point out i have tried using older forms which i had already worked on but am still getting this error.

can you please help?



Hi @benjiekatkam
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could you attach your form? It would help us to investigate the issue.

Malawi UBR Household Registration Form_v1 _Chikwawa_Ndakwera_13.08.2019.xlsx (42.8 KB)

I was able to convert your form using
Could you try again? In your screenshoot, I can see that the version is v1.6.0 but now it's 1.5.0 so maybe that newer one was faulty and was replaced by v1.5.0.

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thanks for your help now it is working perfectly

I got the same error today in version 1.6.1
I tried older forms that were running fine before, but now in version 1.6.1 it is generating the same error attached in this thread.

Hi @houssam_shamseddeen

could you also attach your form?

Hello dear,

Attached is form and its related item set file.

Thanks in advance.

itemsets.csv (175 KB)

fpss.xlsx (31.3 KB)

You need to add external choices sheet for pod_subdistrict like in this sample form

Then after converting using the itemsets.csv will be generated and you will be able to download it. Looks like you prepared the csv file on your own.