Error submitting to Central

Hi friend. I could resolved the problem. Thanks for your help.

Maybe you can help me with other problem i have when i want to send the form via the app of odk collect. (i saw another topics with the same problem but i didnt understand it)

I have a form loaded in my server ODK central, then when i download it in my phone application and the form its filled ready to be sent it to the server, i receive the following error: "Invalid status code on Head request. If you have a web proxy, you may need to log in to your network".

If you go to the sheet "settings" in the form i sent you, i put a "sumbission URL" that i think that is wrong. Should i put the URL that appears in a sheet of the web server in order to get a public access? (check the immage)

Thanks for your help!

To submit from Collect when using Central, the recommended process is to create an app user. You will be able to configure Collect with a QR code. And then can grant the app user access to specific survey forms via the Central project manager interface. If you are using Central to manage and store your data, you do not need to set the submission_url on the "settings" sheet.

does it mean that if i need to load more than 300 forms from different persons, will i need to create more than 300 users?

For submissions from many different persons, you can create a public access link and have them fill out the form in a web browser using the link.

Or if you have many different persons using Collect on many different Android devices, you may create 1 app user and provide the single configuration QR code and setup instructions to anyone who needs to fill out the survey.