Error: The same instance id will be generated for different external instance source URIs

Dear All,

The problem I am experiencing is related to my previous post Calculate date with number. I creating this as a new post since it is a different issue related to the form I am working on.

The form I am working on is fp_unmet_need_e-tracking_tool.xlsx (29.3 KB)

The example, which is shared by @mathieubossaert test_tool2.xlsx (13.1 KB), working perfectly.

However, I am unable to convert my form fp_unmet_need_e-tracking_tool.xlsx (29.3 KB) to XML and I noticed that the calculation field is conflicting with Rows 33-35 of the form.

I am getting error during the conversion of the form:

Error: The same instance id will be generated for different external instance source URIs. Please check the form. Instance name: 'services', Existing type: 'pulldata', Existing URI: 'jr://file-csv/services.csv', Duplicate type: 'choice', Duplicate URI: 'None', Duplicate context: 'survey'.

I have tried by removing different fields as test_tool2.xlsx (13.1 KB) is working perfectly. I noticed that when I have removed row 33-35, the form gets converted without any issue.

Help will be highly appreciated.


Dear All,

Your help on this will be highly appreciated as at my end I tried my best and got stuck with the error during conversion.

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If you remove just choice_filter column it will work so it happens if you use choice_filter and pulldata in the same form then the converter tries to add two instances with the same id. I think it's a bug but would be good to ask someone from pyxform @Ukang_a_Dickson

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Thank you @Grzesiek2010 for identifying the issue. @Ukang_a_Dickson, I would appreciate your support on this issue.

The pyxform issue is tracked at

@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN, since you don't have many procedure types, I don't think an external file for them is ideal. If you have 5 or fewer service types, you could just use an if to get the duration (if service1 was selected, duration is 3 weeks, if service2, duration is 5 weeks, etc).

Alternately, you can do the same kind of lookup @mathieubossaert suggested without using an external file but as you mentioned previously, there isn't explicit documentation around doing this. It will require writing an XPath query and I shared an example at Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) tools.

In your case, you could add a choice list called services with an additional column called duration. You would build your select_one for ${fp_method_provided} the same way you do now but without the search appearance. The part that will likely look unfamiliar is the query to look up service_duration. That will look something like instance(‘services’)/root/item[name=${fp_method_provided}]/duration. This means "go to the services choice list, find the one where the service name matches the one selected at ${fp_method_provided} and get me the duration."

See a complete form at fp_unmet_need_e-tracking_tool-hm20200506.xlsx (29.6 KB).


Dear @LN,

So clearly explained! Thank you so much for your help! Now it became a good reference for all as a workaround method without the need of an external sheet.

Thanks once again,

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