Error: Unknown question type 'select_multiple'

Hello! I am new to ODK and having trouble getting my survey created in excel to convert to XLS.

I am using this website:

I am getting this error: Error: Unknown question type 'select_multiple'.

I have used this before in the same document and it has worked, but it stopped working yesterday. I have checked my spelling, looked for spaces or wrong text, and tried purposefully spelling things wrong to see if I could find where the actual problem is, but no luck.

Here is a screen shots of the error for reference. Thank you for your help!!!!

Hi @msonne
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Probably you forgot to specify choices. It should be select_one options for example. I mean you need to add a name the list of your choices.

Hi @Grzesiek2010,

Thanks for the idea. I have the name of the choices listed, and checked to confirm it is spelled the same as my list on the choices sheet. Here's a screenshot:


Please share your form.

what about row 156??

OMG yes! Thank you for catching that!!! I will give it a try with the correct variables listed there.

Wow, you seriously saved the day! It's working now. Thanks so much for your help!