Error upgrading from 1.5.1

Dear @yanokwa , greetings. I also landed into an error trying to upgrade from version 1.5.1
I would like to experience entities but haven't been successful on upgrading yet.

I have made local changes to the files, so on git stash, the message below is returned;

.env.template: needs merge
files/service/config.json.template: needs merge

Previously, as you and Helene supported me and had discovered an issue. And your guidance was very helpful. Am not sure whether there's still any other issue. I need your guidance again

Does this Stack Overflow post and solution match your issue?

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Thanks very much @danbjoseph , the post is rich and helped. I found out my major limitation was because I had not read upgrade notes on all versions between 1.5 and the latest which I am fetching; the notes are completely elaborate.
I however have another error on PostgreSQL 14 database; I've checked another forum post more related to it where am reporting it for additional support.