Error uploading files to Google Drive cloud

Hello everyone..
I'm having a big problem when sending my forms to googleSheets, an error appears like ""
I have no idea why this is happening, but I was able to send normally a few days ago and out of nowhere it started to give this error, so I have to keep selecting the forms again and resending them until it works, and when this error appears it becomes very difficult send again... thanks to everyone who proposes to give a solution

Hi @BrunoAngelo ,

TimeoutException usually means that there's a problem with the internet connectivity or google services are down in your region. I would try to open google sheet in browser to ensure it's working there.

I've already made sure, that's enough, but the forms have to be sent several times to "success" but before that I have to select all over again the more than 300 forms and send them each time

possible to make a video of what's happening?